Discover Tinos

Tinos has been called “The Muse of the Aegean” and for good reason. Known for its abounding cultural heritage, it is filled with museums, galleries, art workshops and an abundance of religious and secular sights to visit. Tradition meets craftiness every step of the way, creating a unique, handcrafted landscape. Tinos is no short of natural beauty as well, boasting a very diverse landscape of sandy beaches, impressive rock quarries and mountainous terrain with the gorgeous Exombourgo Rock looming over the island’s capital.
Tinos is also a world-renowned pilgrimage destination. Known as “Grace’s Island”, Tinos is the home of the Venetian styled Church of PanayiaEvangelistria (Our Lady of Good Tidings), where thousands of local and foreign pilgrims celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin on August 15.

Getting there

There are daily ferries to and from Tinos from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina, varying in travel duration between two and five hours.There are also frequent ferries to and from Mykonos, Syros, Andros, Paros and Naxos.

If you don't have your means of transport, a taxi may be arranged for you to take you from the port to the house.

Go swimming

In Tinos a day at the beach is never just a matter of swimming. Get your summery mood going and dive into whatever may come along.

Pahia Ammos

A small, quiet, natural bay awaiting you to discover it, ideal for some peaceful quality time with loved ones or by yourself. Just make sure you pack some shade and water.

Agios Romanos

Its southern location protects it from the northern yearly winds, while its accessibility, natural shade and restaurant proximity make it ideal for a family day at the beach.


One of the most popular beaches on the island, attracting sea lovers not only for its marvelous water and sand but also for the many amenities it provides, including bars, eateries and watersports.


Whatever your style, this diverse beach has something that suits you. A calm and peaceful bay on the one side and a popular organized beach on the other, it is bound to please any visitor.


Small, idyllic and secluded but not without the occasional seafood tavern and beach bar covering for anything you may need during your visit.


Kionia beach is situated close to Chora. One of the largest beaches. In Kionia, there is the ancient Temple of Poseidon and Amphitriti.


Tinos is not just a pretty island, it has a distinct character of its own, setting it apart from the rest of Cyclades. Be it the artistic inclinations of its inhabitants, the cultural superiority it exudes in more than one way or the spiritual vibes permeating the air, Tinos calls for a traveler rather than a tourist.

The town of Tinos (Chora)

Much more than meets the eye, the seemingly basic capital of the island keeps secrets that charm and amaze the curious traveler. Beautiful neoclassical buildings, blooming gardens and old temples prevail in the cobblestones of Old Town and take you on a journey through time to the urban surge of 18-19th century.

Church of Panayia of Tinos

This amazing church of white and yellow marble was built in 1823 on the site where a miraculous image of Virgin Mary was supposedly found. Today it remains one of the most important sites of pilgrimage for Greek-orthodox Christians, as you can tell by the innumerate metallic oblations (tamata) hanging all over its inner and outer walls.

Temple of Poseidon

Retrace the steps of ancient pilgrims honoring Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite. This archaeological site of one of the greatest temples of Greek antiquity never fails to inspire and amaze us.

Giannoulis Halepas & Kostas Tsoklis Museums

Discover the complete work of the world-renowned artists Giannoulis Halepas and Costas Tsoklis and get inspired by their modern art masterpieces.

Municipal Art Gallery

Retrace the steps of ancient pilgrims honoring Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite. This archaeological site of one of the greatest templesof Greek antiquity never fails to inspire and amaze us.


August may be the busiest month but whatever the time of the year, Tinos has wonders aplenty to show you. Answer the call and get to it, because there is so much to be lived!
All year long
On each major holiday, local churches organize a feast after the liturgy, each accompanied by one special delicacy depending on the celebrated saint.
March 25th
Celebrate the Annunciation of Virgin Mary with a great litany and a hearty feast of cod fish.
Rekindle the passion for international music and ethnic ambience at Tinos World Music Festival.
June - September

Enjoy a plethora of musical and stage shows during the all-summer long Tinos Festival.


• Sing the blues and get the jam going at Tinos Jazz Festival.
• Dance and sing as you pull the Trawl out of the water at the traditional Trawl Revival at the village of Kionia.

August 15th
Witness one of the most memorable religious celebrations in Greece on Virgin Mary’s Ascension Day.