Discover Paros

Paros is the third largest island of Cyclades. It is situated at the center of the island group, making it an ideal island-hopping base. Boasting 105 miles of coastline, Paros is filled with dozens of small and big beaches and bays. The main port is located in the island’s capital, Paroikia, whereas Naousa and Piso Livadi feature marinas that host private boats and sailing excursions. At the center of Paros lies the Marpissa mountain from which water streams find their way to the sea, creating a biotope of immense diversity, one of the richest in the Mediterranean.
The island’s infrastructure is perfectly adequate for every need, featuring a state-of-the-art road network, a plethora of public and private transportation options, and healthcare centers.

Getting there

There are daily flights from Athens or Thessaloniki directly to Paros Airport, of an approximately 30-minute duration.

If sailing is your preferred way of travelling, take a high-speed or regular ferry from Piraeus or a Seajet from Rafina port and reach the port of Paros within 3-5 hours.

On the other hand, you might want to consider reaching the island by your own means, be it a charter flight or yacht cruise.

Go swimming

Dive into the renowned waters of the Aegean and find out what the poet meant by «the carelessness of yearly wind, the jib of hope, swaying an island at its feintest ripple».

Amalgam Beach

A lovely, crystal water beach stretching at just 500 ft from your villa. All the azure charms of the Aegean literally within a stride.


Calm and sandy bay, close to island’s capital, a picturesque haven for small fishing boats. When swimming whets your appetite, just visit one of the sea food taverns by the beach and enjoy.

Santa Maria

A beautiful, well organized beach with many ways to enjoy: enjoy a cocktail on your sunbed, try snorkeling or do a beach sport – anything goes at Santa Maria.


Granite rocks, beautiful geological formations and shallow, warm water make this beach one of the most well-loved on the island. A must-see and, indeed, a must-swim!

Chrysi Akti

On a more cosmopolitan note, the Golden Bay (Chrysi Akti) teems with life, complete with beach bars and water sports, including wind surfing thanks to the mild southern sea winds.


Parasporos is located south of Parikia, the capital of Paros, next to a campsite, which is the reason why it is often very crowded. It is a large beach with emerald waters and golden sand.


Paros is a place that invites and dares you, appealing to all senses, all ages, all people. Just trust your footsteps and let them lead you to the next magnificent sight: most certainly it’s just around the next corner.

The Old Port of Naoussa

One simply cannot visit Paros without experiencing the Old Port. A small but vibrant place filled with picturesque imagery wherever you look, a celebration of taste and scent due to its many traditional eateries – a true feast for all senses.

Panayia Ekatontapyliani

The Virgin Mary of One Hundred Gates is also known as The Agia Sofia of Cyclades. It takes less than an hour to visit, but much longer to shake off the spiritual awe it inspires.

Folklore Art Museum of Cycladic Culture

Created by a mere fisherman and his passion for miniatures, this hidden gem of a garden is a true synecdoche of bicentennial life in the Cyclades.


One more beautiful village on the inland with no direct access to the sea. Discover the speak-easy local pastry shops and be rewarded with exquisite apple-pie and lemon juice.


One of the many picturesque villages of the island, arguably one of the prettiest. Whether you wish to relax or socialize, this is the place to be.


All over the island there are bits of life, future memories, delightful moments of excitement or relaxation just waiting to be experienced. Care for a ride?
February - March
Revel into a Dionysian Carnival celebration.
Holy week
Witness a most devout reenactment of the Passion of the Christ at five of the island’s villages.
July 2nd
Partake in the great Fish & Wine Celebration in Naoussa.
July 17th

Relive the tradition of Tsampouna in Naoussa.

July 24th
Dance at the fair honoring St. Anna in Paroikia.
August 15th
Celebrate Dekapentavgoustos, one of the greatest religious celebrations in Greece.
August 23rd
Relive a true Pirate invasion at the port of Naoussa on Pirate Day.
Celebrate the distillation of the year’s first Suma.