About us

Inspired by the blue of the Aegean. Laid-back homes, perfect for relaxation, meet modern architecture and stylish designs. Escape to the seaside hideaway and experience the glamour of the Cyclades. 

Find your peace and unwind, surrounded by nature and all the wonderful sounds of the sea. Get lost in magical settings and create memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

We bring together different styles, ways, and moods. We are an amalgamation of all things Aegean. We are Amalgam Homes!

Maria P. Gerolymatou

Owner of Amalgam Homes

It may have been the northern winds, the starry sky, or the absolute bright light of Cyclades – I cannot quite answer what made my father, Takis Gerolymatos, a well-known business person in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics get inspired and fall madly in love with the Aegean Sea.
Personally, since I was little, I have had a burning love for the beauty of my country that “Can’t be described”, as Flaubert, said. Above all, I have learned to honor the everlasting words, my parents have taught me: Greekness, Hospitality (Filoxenia), Optimism, Freedom, Youth, Light, Essence, Sea, Kindness, Harmony, Tradition.
With these experiences at hand, I started this exciting journey of sharing my family’s homes with you and accommodating you with respect and diligence. This way I feel like I carry on the perpetual flow of energy in all the places that I lived in and loved. That is why I have opened the doors and the windows wide and now, in the freshly ironed and scented sheets as well as, at the laid tables with the local gourmet dishes Ι gladly receive all of you, my new favorite people.

“Welcome! Kalos Irthate!”